Living Presence: The Sufi Path to Mindfulness and the Essential Self

by Kabir Helminski


Presence signifies the quality of consciously being here.

This awakened state of consciousness opens us to awe and wonder. It adds further dimensions to being in this world. Beyond is a faculty that is the master key to unlocking our latent human potential. With the power of conscious choice, human beings can formulate intentions, transcend their instincts and desires, educate themselves, and steward the natural world. It can connect us to conscious harmony. We are freed from separation, from duality.

We need a way to activate and develop our latent humanness to balance the forces that challenge us. Through knowledge, practice, and understanding, this presence can be awakened.

Presence is the point of intersection between the world of the senses and the world of the Spirit.

To live these teachings, the application of these ideas must be left for you to discover.

The City of Separation

There is a knowledge and certainity that comes through Spirit alone.

Soul Work, Reflecting Spirit

It is our essential Self, which is our point of contact with infinite Spirit. Realize oneself as a reflection of Spirit, or God.

Activation of our latent human faculties of knowledge, help, and practice. Awareness, will, and compassion when functioning harmoniously would lead a person to experience an intimate relationship with the Source of Life.

To attain intimate communion with the Divine, our essential Self must be awakened from it latent state and be balanced. The essential Self is a direction on a spectrum of possibilities.

Ignorant of awakening our latent humanity, we are unbalanced and lost in a wasteland of proliferating distractions.

One should ask "How shall I find God, how shall I experience Spirit, how shall I become the Truth?"

Reality is what we mean by God.

There is a knowledge and a practice of connecting ourselves with cosmic Life. It is increased by our consciousness of it, by our incrreasing awareness of the abundance of cosmic energy. Life is infinite, and this infinity can be tapped. The only limitation is one of awareness.

Self, Heart, and Spirit

A seed has no energy of its own, but it can respond in the right environment.