Know the Treasure Within

    Something you can't hide says you're lonely
    Hidden deep inside of you only
    It's there for you to see, take a look and be
    Burn slowly, the candle of life

    Something there outside says we're only
    In the hands of time, falling slowly
    It's there for us to know WITH LOVE that we can go
    Burn slowly, the candle of life

    So love everybody and make them your friends

The True Self within as Divine

In the depths of our own souls, there is a great treasure waiting to be uncovered.11,p26

It is what in us is most like God, that 'likeness' can be heightened and transcended until it becomes Unity.11,p43

God cannot be found or grasped in the external world, but only in the inner world. If we seek him within, we shall find him everywhere. Having discovered God within, we can then discover him without.11,p51

To Know Thyself is to Know God

Created in the image and likeness

Once we are aware of that Word (Jesus/Christ) within ourselves, tune into it, live within it, then we can make sense of all the knowledge and experience that life in the world brings us, for we have the KEY to it all. The foundation cannot be found by looking outside ourselves, it can only be found by looking within, then we can look out at the world and sense it there too.11,p70

We have within us a spark of heavenly nature.11,p73

We are gods, yet we shall die like men.(Ps 82:6)

God became Man so that Man might become God.(Irenaeus and Athanasius)

If Christ is to be relevant to us, it is in this deepest and most inward part of ourselves that we must try to find him. A Christ who dwells here really is a treasure which no thief can steal, an unshakable rock on which to build our lives.11,p81

If we enter the Ground of the Soul, we shall encounter Christ, God the Son, and we shall become the Son ourselves; we shall share in the union which the Son has with the Father and the Spirit. The Incarnation will thus become a present reality for us, here and now, in our lives.11,p84

The paradox of Christ, the God-Man, is also our own paradox.11,p86

What if we get out of our heads (outside world) and listened to our hearts and guts (inside world) for important answers?(Zenempowrment)

We are not just humans having a God experience. The Eucharist tells us that, in some mysterious way, we are an ingested God having a human experience! Eat in such a way that the Holy Spirit becomes an energy within you and then the piece of bread that Jesus gives to you will stop being an idea, a notion.(Rohr)

God from the outside through the world, when it is the exact opposite [is true], standing within the heart of God and looking out.11,p65

Once we come into contact with the Holy Spirit, our Inner Source, we become living icons of true, humble, and confident power. We no longer need to seek “power over” others, because we have discovered the “power within” and know it is a dignity shared with all of life. [1] This is ultimately what it means to be a well-grounded person. the Holy Spirit is still the “lost” or undiscovered person of the Trinity. If we have not made contact with our true power, the Indwelling Spirit, we will seek power in all the wrong places.(Rohr)

Our soul is a hidden part of us, in union with divinity, is where our abundant goodness (our God-ness) exists. Jesuit paleontologist, Teilhard de Chardin [1881–1955], understood the necessity of opening the door inward to find and claim this goodness. Reflecting on his spiritual growth, Chardin observed this truth: "The deeper I descend into myself, the more I find God at the heart of my being."The full person God created us to be contains more than we can imagine, but most of us dwell within only a small portion of the superb castle of ourselves. Opening the door of our heart allows us entrance to the vast treasure of who we are and to the divine presence within us.(Rohr)

Paradoxically, immense humility, not arrogance, characterizes someone who lives in this True Self. You simultaneously know you are a child of God, but you also know that you didn’t earn it and you are not worthy of it. You know it’s entirely a gift (see Ephesians 2:8–9)(Rohr)

Teresa of Avila says "You know, you’re seeking union with God, which is a grace to desire this." And it is helpful to know, in the light of faith, that you and God are already one in the intimate and mysterious sense in which God is creating you as God’s self-donating love. God makes your very soul, that is, your very essence of who you are as a person created by God in the image and likeness of God, to be a relational mystery with God. That in your very soul, the very mystery of who you are and the very mystery of who God is are already intertwined. (Rohr)

Aging calls us to harvest our 'inner wisdom'. We are invited to a new way of being, to be a wise person in touch with the gifts of our soul. It is a time for inner growth and stage of spiritual development.(ePost 3/6/22)